Soothe and de-stress with CBD, now available at Lucy’s Market! Read about the top 5 benefits of CBD below…

Though generations across the globe have been utilizing the incredible properties of hemp for hundreds of years, cannabidiol (or CBD) has recently been used as an oil and capsule for general wellness. Many people integrate CBD into their health routine to support their cellular and molecular health, and Lucy’s Market is excited to offer an array of these beneficial products in our store.

CBD users experience many benefits including: a sense of calm and focus; relief from everyday stresses; help in recovery from exercise-induced inflammation; and support for healthy sleep cycles and sound sleep. These benefits even extend to your four-legged friends, and Lucy’s Market has dog-specific CBD options just for them.


CBD is a chemical compound in the cannabis plant and is most often derived from hemp. It’s a naturally occurring substance that is not psychoactive — meaning it won’t impair or impact your mental state of being. Not to be confused with its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this derivative is more widely legalized across the country.

Because of the vast variety and reach of this natural ingredient, using it across various mediums could be beneficial. As with anything, give your body time to adjust to CBD, and don’t expect overnight results. Your system needs time to process, and experts generally recommend 30-60 days to witness an impact.


CBD Benefit #1: Helps manage everyday stress

To be productive and channel your creativity, managing stress is essential. Everyone has their moments when they feel overworked and over-booked, but your ability to prioritize and work through the chaos and collect your thoughts will set you apart. One of the most talked about benefits of CBD oil is how it can ease your anxiety and worries in your everyday life.

CBD can support in calming your nerves, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. For everyday stressors, from the expected to the unexpected, CBD can step in as your relaxation agent. Clearing your mind, settling your heart rate and giving you a tool to regain focus and control, it can help you get back on track.

CBD Benefit #2 – Helps reduce inflammation

For those who want to live a balanced, energy-filled life, frequent, consistent fitness is non-negotiable. Even though you know how important it is to get your heart rate going, there are plenty of hurdles that create a barrier to working out. One of the most common reasons folks skip out on their visit is soreness from the day (or days) before. While this is a normal part of the recovery process, aching muscles can be painful to push through, especially when finding motivation to prioritize fitness.

CBD can work wonders here, since it fights against workout-induced inflammation. When we are active and challenge our bodies, we put strain on our muscles, creating tiny cuts in the tissue. This isn’t dangerous, and rather, helps to build our strength — but that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. Following an intensive, strenuous routine, CBD for recovery can speed up the recovery process so you can continue to meet your fitness goals.

CBD Benefit #3 – Helps promote sound sleep

More than any other routine we keep up, including working out and smart food choices, our health and energy levels are directly tied to how much time we spend in dreamland. But it’s not just quantity, it’s the quality of sleep that matters as well. You may lay in bed for the recommended hours for our age group — but if you aren’t sleeping soundly, you won’t actually reap the benefits of a good night rest. CBD oil helps support healthy sleep cycles, so you can improve your sleep and wake feeling rested and revived.

CBD Benefit #4 – Helps keep skin moisturized

No matter what season gives your body’s largest organ — skin! — the most trouble, maintaining moisture is essential. Dry skin is uncomfortable and makes it more difficult to apply various products that keep us healthy and glowing. CBD to the rescue! One of the benefits of this powerful topical is how it helps our skin to maintain optimal skin moisturization. As with any new skincare product, you will want to start slow and watch how your pores react. It may take time to start seeing results — so be patient. And when in doubt, talk to a dermatologist about an ideal regimen for your unique chemical makeup.

CBD Benefit #5 – Helps your dog feel relaxed and soothed

If you notice your pet is skittish, anxious or overall, not like themselves, look to the dog-specific CBD products available at Lucy’s Market. Much like humans, dogs will experience various ebbs and flows in their mood — all causes by a variety of factors. From lack of exercise or overexposure to sun and heat, to joint pain or tenderness, you may be wondering how to help your dog feel relaxed. Though you should definitely seek veterinary attention in extreme or emergency situations, the benefits of CBD extend to your pet’s everyday life. In fact, it’s been shown to calm their nerves and anxiety when used regularly. Test a small amount first — and then see how your four-legged friend responds.

Most pet owners are quick to admit that their pets are part of the family, who have been a true source of love and support during important milestones over the years. Aging in pets is sometimes hard to see — but you can make your pet feel more comfortable with the use of CBD. Because it has been shown to support healthy hips and joints for animals, CBD will have them moving easier and feeling more comfortable at any age.

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