Country Ham Biscuits, 12 - Callie's

Country Ham Biscuits, 12 - Callie's

Our country ham biscuits are the reason we started this business. For years, my mother, Callie, had her catering clients begging her to sell the biscuits to them. She knew that they froze beautifully but it just took a little coaxing for her to let the secret recipe go nationwide.

Callie’s country ham biscuits aren’t your average ham biscuit. We use finely chopped artisanal Virginia country ham (so you are sure to have ham in every bite) and house whipped Dijon mustard butter sandwiched inside our signature sharp cheddar biscuit.

Please remember country ham is cured in salt and meant to be salty. 

  • One package of Country Ham Biscuits will have 12 biscuits. 
  • Serving Size– 2 dozen serves 8-10 people; 4 dozen serves 16-20 people.
  • One Dozen weighs between 14oz and 22oz. 

Comes frozen.  For pickup or local delivery only.