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5 Tips from The Easter Basket Experts

5 Tips from The Easter Basket Experts

Easter is arguably one of the most fun and colorful holidays of the year.  The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the bunnies are hopping, but trying to create a basket that highlights all of the best parts of Spring and Easter is a challenge! Here are five tips from the basket experts at Lucy’s on how to create the best Easter basket. 

  1. Pick a basket with a neutral color. Seemingly the easiest task of them all, this step is crucial.  You need to make sure you select a basket that is large enough to fit all of the wonderful goodies that you will pack it with but not so large that you feel like you have to keep buying items to fill it up.  As far as colors and materials, we recommend a more subdued, neutral color so all of your goodies will really POP! Our natural woven basket is a great example.
  2. Choose a foundation that is fluffy and easy to clean!  Easter baskets can be tricky because buying a basket that is just the right size to hold all of your gifts in a nice display is nearly impossible.  That’s where the fluff comes in. By adding some straw, shredded paper, or even fabric you can fill in the gaps and create a beautiful display within the basket.  We also recommend picking a filler that will be easy to clean up if you have some eager little bunnies ripping into their baskets on Easter.
  3. Incorporate flowers in your basket for a touch of elegance!  With such beautiful blooms, how could you resist? We think this trick is key, because you don’t see a lot of flowers actually inside of Easter baskets, usually flowers accompany them.  By adding flowers to the basket, not only are you giving two gifts in one, but you can create a basket that is jam packed with the signs of Spring

4. Chock full of chocolate.  We all know that the holidays are a wonderful excuse to eat our favorite candies - and that chocolate in the shape of the bunny is even sweeter somehow.  Whether its chocolate bunnies, flourless chocolate cake, or chocolate bar that packs a punch, we all need a little something sweet around this time. If your recipient is on the health-conscious side, adding some nuts or healthy-alternatives is always an option.  When adding sweets, it is important to cater to the receiver’s favorites for some exciting Easter eats.

5. Choose something to add that your recipient can cherish long after the chocolate’s been eaten and the flowers have wilted. Lucy’s recommends adding something special and unique, like a colorful pinwheel or a soft plush bunny.  Whatever your keepsake is, it should bring a smile and remind the recipient of what a great Easter basket they received and the wonderful people they have in their life to share the holiday with.

Fresh flowers, a sweet treat and something to save and you’ve got an Easter basket above the rest.  If you’re still having trouble selecting the perfect items, Lucy’s has some incredible Easter gifts and can even create a custom basket just for you. Hoppy Easter!