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Your Very Own Bloody Mary Bar

Your Very Own Bloody Mary Bar

Easy to build -  Hard to resist

With football season coming up, you wouldn’t want to short your tailgating guests of a Bloody Mary Bar. Whether you’ve had one too many the night before or not -- we all know a Bloody Mary beverage is much needed for the long Gameday ahead. The ultimate experience for this drink, lies in the hands of you preparing/providing the best bar, with your chosen Mary Mix and best ingredients to garnish. But no worries… Lucy’s can help you make sure no mistakes are made.

First thing’s first - Choice of Bloody Mary Mix

Now, Sister Sauce is most likely the best mix you will ever taste. That’s why we only carry one Bloody Mary Mix. No need to steer you from the top choice. Made in Atlanta, GA, this Bespoke Bloody Mary Mix is handcrafted one bottle at a time. It is always fresh. We promise you will be pleased.


Available at Lucy’s Market $15 per 32 fl oz.

Next up - Garnish

Yes, a Bloody Mary is a wholesome drink in itself, but what’s better than having a little something to munch on while sipping. Or save until the drink is done-zo and enjoy those olives and pickled okra saturated in vodka and Sister Sauce. Either way, we approve. Here are some perfect garnishes to keep stocked for the Bloody Mary Bar you will soon be famous for….

  1. Pickles - The more salt, the merrier… Salty Dill Pickles [$10] just add to the blast of flavors. And yes, you want all of these flavors, trust us…
  2. Pickled Okra - Nothing beats a good pickled okra, am I right? Definitely a southern delicacy. Phickles Okra is unstoppable [$9]
  3. Olives - Our choice would have to be Tipsy Fiery Olives [$9] offering some extra fire to kick that hangover to the curb [if that really is the case]
  4. Pickled Carrots - A multi-tasking ingredient! Tasty and perfect to use as a stirrer. Phickles takes the cake here again for their pickled carrots. [$9]

We carry many other pickled products and garnishes, these just happen to be our favorite. SO, just add your desired stack to a toothpick, pop a carrot in there, and Voila.

And last but not least - SNACKS. Because when do people not want a snack??

Especially when it’s easy and delicious. Our go-tos are Ben Ben’s Spiced Pecans [$12 sm, $24 lrg] and Chinaberry Cheese Straws [$10 sm, $15 lg, $32 tin]. So simple, so good.  


THREE EASY STEPS. Achieve all of them and you have passed the test of building a fantastic Bloody Mary Bar with flying colors! A++++

The best part is, you can get everything at Lucy’s Market, because after all, we are your one-stop-shop.


Pictured are the Synthetic Crystal St. Germain glasses [$22 each]. Plating and bowls pictured come from our fabulous new line of pottery. [Prices vary according to piece]. French Linen [$28, different colors available].

(All found at Lucy’s Market)