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Elevate Your Bath

Elevate Your Bath

Luxury Bath Essentials from Lucy's Market

Whether you're decompressing, de-stressing, or just pampering yourself, Lucy's new high-end bath products will make your next self-care moment one to remember. So draw up a bath, light a fragrant candle, and calm your mind. We have everything you need to find your moment of zen, right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Set the mood with calming candles and aromatherapy diffusers, and slip into your own sanctuary. Gently invigorate with an exfoliating scrub or brush, then melt your stress away in a skin-softening bubble bath. A luscious body cream is the perfect ending for your at-home spa treatment.

Our favorite self-care essentials include a beautiful new collection of soaps and bath salts from Murphy & Daughters. Soak or scrub with a therapeutic blend of naturally pink Australian salt and fragrances for an uplifting bathing experience. Sun dried salt sourced from the Murray Darling basin contains trace minerals of beta carotene, potassium, iodine and magnesium which gently help detoxify skin and boost circulation when used as a scrub as well as remove dead flaky skin leaving behind a glowing complexion. This mineral rich salt is hailed for its muscle-soothing properties, and is perfect for a post work-out soak as well as enhancing sleep and mood. 

We also love Murphy & Daughters' Bon Bon soaps, which are triple milled, made, and hand-wrapped in Australia with ethically sourced ingredients. Each bar is made with goats milk and shea butter which is brilliantly cleansing for all skin types including sensitive skin. The bar performs with a rich creamy moisturizing lather.

Another crowd favorite are Yuzu Soap's Dual Bath Salts. This bath salt set is all natural and includes a blend of Epsom salts and sea salts. This set allows for 6-12 baths depending on usage amount. These bath salts are concentrated with essential oils—a little goes a long way! Customize your bath experience with your own blend of scents and usage amounts. This concentrated bath salt blend is rich in minerals, vitamins and essential oils. Bath salts are known to relieve stress, eliminate toxins and hydrate the skin.

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