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Cheers—it's finally rosé season!  

Whether you're selecting a bottle to enjoy outdoors or you're stocking up for a springtime soirée, Lucy's Market has a wide variety of your favorite pink wines. Don't forget to grab some of our cute cocktail napkins, wine chillers, and fun glasses!

Throwing a party to celebrate warmer temperatures and wondering how many bottles you should have on hand? A standard (750-milliliter) bottle contains about five 5-ounce glasses’ worth of wine, depending on your pour. Plan on two-thirds of a bottle per guest, and more if you’ll be serving wine before dinner.

Tempted to try a few different varieties of rosé? Here’s how to organize a wine tasting that's both entertaining and educational. First, assemble your “ingredients”: tagged Vinglace Wine Chillers to cover the wine bottles, paper and pens for your friends to take notes, and a fresh glass for everyone for each taste. Just add wine!

Everyone tastes through a flight of mystery wines, one at a time. Guests are encouraged to discuss each wine as they go. If your guests are relatively knowledgeable, they can make educated guesses about the identity of each pour, which can add a competitive element. If it’s the first blind tasting for most guests, it’s fine to keep talk to things like appearance, aroma and structure. 


Here are some prompts for your guests: How does it look? Note the wine’s color, clarity, opacity and viscosity. Hold the glass up to the light and at a 45-degree angle against a white backdrop. How does it smell? Encourage guests to stick their noses in the glass right away, and then again after swirling, to see what aromas present themselves as the wine opens up. How does it taste? Advise tasters to take a sip of wine and swirl it around a bit. They can also try to suck in some air in through their teeth (this is called trilling). Guests should note how the wine feels in their mouths; how long the flavor remains after spitting or swallowing; flavor notes that present themselves upfront, midpalate and on the finish; and the balance or harmony of tannins and acidity. At the end of the tasting, reveal the bottles and further the discussion.

Let’s raise a glass to warmer weather!

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