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Stumped on What to Get for Your Healthy BFF? Or Client, or Boss, or Neighbor?

Stumped on What to Get for Your Healthy BFF? Or Client, or Boss, or Neighbor?

Clean Eating is definitely not a hard task when you've got the goods from Us. Let's get real Healthy isn't just a trend anymore... It's a lifestyle, and we all want to live it. We have the perfect gift for you to give that friend, client, or boss that's on a green and glowing kick. The first product Lucy's Market sold was produce. From the ripest of fruit to the freshest of vegetables, we strive to deliver the best quality produce in Atlanta. If you want the best avocados in all the land, don't think twice and come to Lucy's Market. We know what you're thinking... Chicken Pot Pie and Brownies are not what you're looking for. Even though these products are not the most lean and green, they are hearty, made with love and delivered fresh daily.

But let's get down to business. [Healthy biz that is...] Here are some options of our products that are delicious AND nutritious!

Georgia Grinders Almond Butter- Produced in Georgia with only two ingredients to perfect such an enjoyable treat- roasted almonds and sea salt. Top some of this baby to freshly toasted mulitgrain bread and add sliced banana. Drizzle Savannah Bee Co all natural honeycomb if you're feeling frisky (see next).

Savannah Bee Co Honeycomb- After the bees do their needed buzzing on Wilmington Island, the all natural honey they produce is sent to the company's Savannah store for packaging. It seriously is amazing with anything, and fixes that sweet craving in one fell swoop. We love adding this honeycomb to toast, fruit, or a fancy cheeseboard to create some originality. By the way, honeycomb and cheese seriously a mouth-watering combo...

Community Grains Organic Spaghetti & Hoboken Farms Big Red Marinara- Hard Red Winter Wheat, Whole Milled and 100% Whole Grain crafted for taste... This pasta company's method preserves the nutrients and enhances the rich, nutty taste of the wheat giving the pasta a rustic texture that sauces such as, Hoboken, cling to. Hoboken Marinara is honestly one of the tastiest sauces EVER. It is so clean, no sugar added, and only fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil- This unfiltered, cold pressed olive oil comes from Lakeland, Georgia. Rather than drowning your healthy salad in a falsifying sugar-filled dressing, just top with this olive oil. It's rich flavor does the job. Freshly squeezed lemon and Sal de Ibiza Sea Salt for the final hoorah.

Sal de Ibiza Sea Salt- Taking us to Ibiza, this beautiful, blue and brilliant bottle captures the sea and sun making anything taste good. (OR- Taking us to Ibiza, this beautiful, blue brilliance of the sea and sun will make anything taste good.) In order to obtain the vital minerals and trace-elements that salt has to offer, you must choose your salt wisely. This sea salt comes straight from the Mediterranean; just a sprinkle adds great flavor.

BRASH Coffee- If you haven't had it yet, you're missing out... Australian-born, Chris McLeod, moved to the States missing a really good cup of coffee. Australia is known for their delicious cup of brew, so he opened BRASH a coffee shop exuding the traits of the best coffee in the world. And NOW we have the pleasure of carrying it! These premium beans come directly from a South American farmer in El Salvador, and head straight to BRASH's roasting factory. Each bag is sourced meticulously and honors the farm to cup rule of thumb. Wake up the right way.

Oliver Pluff & Co Gunpowder Green Tea- Not a coffee drinker? Worry not. Charleston knows whats up this Gunpowder Tea gives you that necessary jolt needed, am or pm. The tea leaves are tightly rolled, but graciously unravel as they are brewed. Aka pretty and powerful, just like you.

Hudson Henry Granola- Without a question, no doubt, hands down, this is the absolute best of the best granola on shelves. Pistachios, Almonds & Coconut is our fave flave, but you can choose from a variety, each handcrafted in olive oil. Mix this to your morning yogurt and fruit, top to your smoothie bowl, or simply have with almond milk. Mmmm, that definitely beats Wheaties...


Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company Love Bar- The Chulucanas in Peru is where this magic is made. 75% Dark Chocolate with a touch of Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon; just a square is a perfect dessert for the healthy-health peeps. One bite, and you'll feel the love. [Hence the name]

Strive Foods Raw Pad Thai- Somewhere over this raw rainbow, you'll find a feel-good you. Vegan and gluten-free including spiraled vegetables, edamame, sesame and fresh basil creating such a treat. After adding the creamy almond butter pad thai sauce, you'll be surprised by how your lunch is so clean... DELISH!

Gifts from the Ground- Your basket won't be complete without some of the freshest fruits and veggies. Avocados, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, blueberries, asparagus, okra, arugula, corn... With a cornucopia of options, Lucy's Market is your oyster.

And BA-DA-BING, look at your finished product! Because there are so many options to include in your healthy basket, you'll have to pick and choose what you want the most so everything can fit properly. Otherwise, we have an XL Basket you can fill to the brim as well. At Lucy's Market, we also carry Local Farm Fresh Eggs, Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Prepared Salads & Soups, Pickled Products, Turmeric-dusted Crystallized Ginger, Bamboo Pressed Juices, and many more! Call us to prepare your own. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on new products. Enjoy & Share the love!