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Your Best Charcuterie Board Ever

Your Best Charcuterie Board Ever

When you're building your next charcuterie board, the beauty is the details.

When you're building your next charcuterie board, the beauty is the details. Wow your guests with an array of ingredients set out on gorgeous boards. With the freshest produce, cheeses, prepared dips, and condiments, Lucy's Market can help you create a memorable cheese board.

Our selection of boards in various sizes will suit any occasion. For a smaller gathering, choose a small board overflowing with the perfect mix of cheese, charcuterie, and garnishes. Flavorful figs, accompanying jams, local crackers, fresh tomatoes, and nuts will take your appetizer tray to the next level.

When you're entertaining a larger group, set out a few complementary boards with gorgeous placemats and fresh flowers, and impress your guests with a bevy of savory snacks from Lucy's Market. Fresh produce, olives, local honey, Lucy's Private Label nuts, and freshly smoked salmon are sure to set your charcuterie board apart!

We're here to help you style your perfect charcuterie board, or we can deliver all of the ingredients you need to your front door. Stop by or call us at 404-869-9222 to customize your charcuterie board ingredient list!

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