Meet the Team

Kim Wilson


Kim is the ultimate Boss Lady. She's the oversee-er of everything at Lucy's Market, and the reason it exists. You can find her at Lucy's almost every day!


Bev Maiellaro

Basket Manager

The master of baskets! Bev can come up with any special occasion to receive or give a basket, and they always look picture perfect.

Louise Bohannon

General Manager

Louise keeps the wheels turning at Lucy's!  Helping employees, customers and vendors to ensure everything is always the best! 

Amy Hunter

Food Buyer

Lois Fulwiler

Wine Buyer

Always fabulous. Wine girl. Boiled peanut advocate. She can direct you to the perfect purchase, and you'll always feel amazing about it.

Laura Scott

Decor & Holiday Buyer

This girl doesn’t stop! She finds the newest of the new and best of the best for the decor department.

Gerusa Panzer


Our spunky Brazilian florist works wonders! You can find her creating everyday floral masterpieces or taking custom orders for special occasions.

Mary Delia Poynter


Floral & Garden Designer

The M. Delia in our M. Delia for Lucy's!  She is always working to make beautiful creations for any occasion. 

Cathy Nickles

Merchandiser & Assistant Decor Buyer

Cathy keeps our store looking beautiful everyday!  You can thank Cathy for those beautiful displays that you see around the store.

Felicia Kitts

Operations & Finance Manager

Kristen Schettino

Basket Assistant

AKA: Hollywood. Kristen is the queen of customer service with her product suggestions and helpful attitude. She can help you find what you need!

Lindsay Russell

Marketing & Online Manager

Lindsay is a jack of all trades—working behind the scenes to ensure that our systems are running smoothly. We couldn't do it without her!

Cici Peoples

Artist & Customer Helper

The artist of the group. You’ll find her painting something spectacular or throwing together unbelievable chalk art without skipping a beat.

Susan Elder

Decor Assistant

Susan is our steady rock of the register. She'll help you gather what you need and get you on your way!

Anna Lynott

Receiving & Inventory, Home Goods & Holiday

Anna takes on the difficult job of receiving, inventorying and organizing all items coming in for home good, gifts, and all holiday.  Anna helps keep everything organized and accounted for. She is a go-to when we need help with  items in the warehouse and more!


Hunter Gowin

The other man of the market, Hunter helps with it all!  You can catch him helping customers out, behind the register, stuffing baskets, or more!  He helps keep the market looking good and the customers happy!

Anne Jones

Produce Manager

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